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Samsung Stratosphere / Metrix (Aegis)

Backup Partitions
Name File Partition Filesystem Backup Command Flashable Size (KB)
IBL+PBL boot.bin bml1   dd if=/dev/block/bml1 of=/sdcard/boot.bin   256
PIT ries.pit bml2   dd if=/dev/block/bml2 of=/sdcard/ries.pit   256
EFS efs.rfs bml3   dd if=/dev/block/bml3 of=/sdcard/efs.rfs   10,240
EFS2 nvblock.bin bml4   dd if=/dev/block/bml4 of=/sdcard/nvblock.bin   3,072
SBL sbl.bin bml5   dd if=/dev/block/bml5 of=/sdcard/sbl.bin   1,280
SBL2 sbl2.bin bml6   dd if=/dev/block/bml6 of=/sdcard/sbl2.bin   1,280
PARAM param.lfs bml7   dd if=/dev/block/bml7 of=/sdcard/param.lfs   5,120
KERNEL zImage bml8   dd if=/dev/block/bml8 of=/sdcard/zImage Yes 7,680
RECOVERY recovery.bin bml9   dd if=/dev/block/bml9 of=/sdcard/recovery.bin Yes 7,680
FACTORYFS factoryfs.rfs stl10 rfs dd if=/dev/block/stl10 of=/sdcard/factoryfs.rfs Yes 373,248
DBDATAFS dbdata.rfs bml11   dd if=/dev/block/bml11 of=/sdcard/dbdata.rfs Yes 79,360
LTEMODEM lte_modem.bin bml12   dd if=/dev/block/bml12 of=/sdcard/lte_modem.bin Yes 12,288
CPMODEM cp_modem.bin         512
MOVINAND movinand.bin mmcblk0   dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0 of=/sdcard/movinand.bin No 3,866,624
Other Partitions
Name File Partition Filesystem Backup Command Flashable Size (KB)
  spy? bml0!c   dd if=/dev/block/bml0!c of=/sdcard/bml0 No 513,024
    bml9   Currupt Backups No  
  cp_modem_fake bml13   dd if=/dev/block/bml13 of=/sdcard/cp_modem_fake See: CPMODEM 512
  efs stl3 rfs dd if=/dev/block/stl3 of=/sdcard/efs See: EFS 6,400
  param stl7 j4fs dd if=/dev/block/stl7 of=/sdcard/param See: PARAM 1,280
  dbdata stl11 rfs dd if=/dev/block/stl11 of=/sdcard/dbdata See: DBDATAFS 74,752
  data mmcblk0p1 rfs dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p1 of=/sdcard/data See: MOVINAND 2,301,920
  preinstall mmcblk0p2 rfs dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p2 of=/sdcard/preinstall See: MOVINAND 1,257,472
  cache mmcblk0p3 rfs dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 of=/sdcard/cache See: MOVINAND 307,200

Secondary Boot Loader Disassembly Project

The goal of this project is to try to read back the ril using a low level hack. Once this project is completed it will also open the door for a dual boot selection screen at boot time and many other costomizations of the sbl, download mode, and battery charge display screen, and extends to include OS porting to the stratosphere such as Your favourite flavor of linux, HAIKU, ReactOS, Plan 9, Contiki.

Stratosphere IO Map

sbl.bin sbl.bin
sbl.asm - Initialization, libc + Extras
sbl10000.asm - Video + Extras
sbl20000.asm - Keypad + Extras
dpram.asm - DPRAM (This is the code that writes cp_modem.bin to memory)
fsr_stl.asm - FSR_STL (Samsung Recovery File System Format)
fsr_ond.asm - OneNand (OneNand Driver)
cp_modem.asm - CP Modem (Load cp_modem Driver Into Memory)
sbl90000.asm - Data (Strings, Images, ...)

The above assembly files are for the GC1 version of the SBL.